Crystal Energy

Have you ever wondered how crystal energy works? Many people pick up stones and crystals their whole lives and say "it makes me feel good!". But why do crystals make us feel good?


Crystals have been in the earth for hundreds of thousands of years. Each crystal is held together with a vibration just the same as our heart or kidney cells are held together with a vibration. So many things on this earth can be used for healing and it all has to do with energy like crystals or plants or sounds.


So lets say that our heart vibrates at a certain frequency. There are crystals that vibrate at the same frequency. So just being around or holding that crystal can affect us in our heart chakra. A chakra is an energy area in our bodies. Now if our heart chakra (energy) is stressed with something like grief or sadness or disappointment it can dim our chakra and weaken or dim its vibration. Now if we pick up a rose quartz for example, a crystal that is known for love (especially self love) it can make us feel better by lifting our dimmed vibration.


How? The way I like to explain it is like this...

If you were asked to sing "Oh Canada" for us and you haven't sang in awhile it might be a little off key. But if we had Shania Twain who is known to sing in perfect pitch come and stand beside you and sing with you, you are more likely to meet her perfect pitch! Now it's not that you can't sing on key but you are out of practice so you only need Shania until your vocal cords have been strengthened and you can hold your own.

It's the same with a crystals. The crystal is in perfect pitch so it can help you raise your vibration until you learn to raise your own energy and hold it. This can be done with practice through meditation etc.


It's really not that magical. It's more scientific. Scientist can measure our energy as far as five to eight feet away from our bodies. It might be further but that is how far their instruments can measure to date.


So pick your favourite crystal and see how it makes you feel. Carry it with you or put it beside the bed and enjoy its beautiful perfect pitch. But don't forget to work on raising that vibration in your body so you can hold your own and sing in perfect pitch yourself!