Talisman seems like an old fashioned word. People don't use them anymore or do they?

Some think that talisman are only found in ancient archeological finds but it's not true almost anything can be a talisman. Most people feel that talisman have a voodoo feel or holds negative energy but that's not true either.


Talisman can be almost anything. A lot of people can remember carrying a rabbits foot to bring good luck but it's really a talisman with the intention of good luck! That's the whole idea behind talisman is that we can program them with any intention we want. You can set the intention that your talisman will keep you safe while you travel or bring prosperity. Other ways to program the talisman is for fertility, brings power to you or helps you communicate. Pretty well anything that you can think that you want you can program into your talisman.


So take your power back and create or find your own personal talisman and program it for what ever you want. If you have attainted a goal with your talisman you can reprogram it. Yes you are that powerful. Clear the talisman with smudging or by putting in a singing bowl and then set the new intention.


So decide what your intention is and hold your newly created or found talisman close to your heart and set the intention. Then enjoy the power!