About Us

About Us:

Awaken Spiritual Store first opened its doors to the Collingwood Community in June of 2018. Penny, the owner, believes in healing the healer. In her experience, customers bring as much to her as they do themselves. It’s an energetic exchange. Often, customers are looking for permission to "simply be".

Penny is someone who gives you permission to be your authentic self so you can learn, heal, grow and shine. As we do this, we connect to our higher self. When we connect, we ultimately align with the divine. As Penny will teach us, perfection lies in the divine, setting us up to live our best lives.

Penny's staff is curated to reflect her spiritual belief system. From products to people to events. Drop in to chat crystals, your awakening experience, or book a reading with one of our many practitioners. 

Love What You Do 

Who We Are For:

We're here for everyone. Whether you're starting your spiritual journey or an advanced spiritualist. Everyone experiences their awakening in their own unique way. Come discover and learn how to heal with crystal energy. We love seeing families and kids discovering crystals in their early youth.

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