About Us

Joan & Penny

About Us:

"Our reason of being is to plant the seeds to 'awaken'."

As a sister run business, Joan & Penny's journey to spirituality and business began in their youth with the untimely passing of their mother. Wondering where their mother had gone, each sister began healing in their own way.

A trailblazer and spiritual risk taker, Joan always investigated spirituality as a teenager to discover where her mother was and if she was okay. Penny's healing began in her later years and looked to health food stores when travelling.

The two sisters converged and peaked together in their older age, finally understanding that their spiritual path is the Awaken Spiritual Store

Love What You Do 

Who We Are For:

We are here for everyone. Whether you are a first timer starting your spiritual journey who knows nothing about crystals or an advanced spiritualist, we welcome all. Everyone experiences their own awakening in a unique way. We invite you to come discover and learn how to heal with crystal energy. We love seeing families and kids discovering crystals in their early youth.

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