What is the difference between tarot and oracle cards?
Tarot cards always have 78 cards in each deck. The deck includes 4 suits. The cards show the fools journey to enlightenment and the major arcana cards are message from above. Oracle cards can have any number of cards in the deck. The message on the cards are from above and what you need to hear today.

How do crystals work?
The quick answer is that they are all vibrating perfectly in their colour vibration. Our body energy gets mucked up with negative emotion and fears and affects our personal vibration. When we pick up a crystal that is vibration perfectly in an area that we are struggling with, the stone will help lift our vibration and it feels good. You must remember that crystals are a tool to learn about energy in our body. The long term goal is to learn to keep our vibration up, clear of negative emotional blocks, and have faith that we can overcome our fears.

How do you smudge a room?
There are a thousand ways to use smudge to clear a room. This is how I do it, but you should feel free to use your own method and use what feels good for you personally. Crack a window or a door. Start at the back of the house or the room you are clearing. Light the smudge (make sure you have a bowl to catch the ashes). Reach down low and repeat “remove all negative energy”. When you remove the negative energy it creates a vacuum and you should fill it with good energy. So I reach up high and use a swirling motion and pull in “fill with the
highest divine light”. I take a giant step toward the front of the house or the room and repeat.