Is this what we've been waiting for?

Hello all Awaken Spiritual Store followers. I haven't been very active on this blog but since our recent times have allowed me the time to write a few thoughts... I thought I would!

This time in which we are required to stay inside with our families while the world adjust to a new world order isn't anything new in the spiritual world. It's been predicted for many years and I have to admit that for me it feels kind of exciting that it's finally here. Profits have been saying that the large corrupt corporations and government that have been making decisions in our world to make a lot of money and not give a damn about Mother Earth or the people residing here is over. There has been an adjustment coming both financially and governmentally. It feels like all of that just got away from us in our towns and cities and it's time to claim it back!

This is an adjustment back to us. Keep up the good work of keeping your vibration high and sending love and peace to the world. That keeps the earth's vibration high and we will return to a life that is more ours <3!


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